Born: Germany
Primarily active in: Germany

Helmut Huber, chief of research and technology at Eurocopter Deutschland, died on June 25, 1996 in Munich, Germany following a brief illness.  A design engineer for MBB and its successor Eurocopter for more than 33 years, he was an energetic presence at recent AHS annual forums and other major international aerospace events.  Huber, regarded by his aerospace peers as an engineer's engineer, pioneered the dsign of the first hingeless/bearingless rotor system, an achievement which led to major international business for his company with aerospace firms in Japan, India and the United States.  At the American Helicopter Society, he was a member of the AHS Technical Counsel and a former Vice President International on the Society's Board of Directors.  He was a moving spirit supporting the European Rotorcraft Forum.  Huber often said he believed in the irresistible power of innovative technologies.  Hence he devoted much of his life to funding efforts supporting research and development.  In 1995, Huber's efforts in pioneering R&D across international boundaries were recognized with the Society's Gruppo Agusta International Fellowship Award givenfor significant contributioins to international vertical flight cooperation.  

AHS Update: Vertiflite September/October 1996