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1907 - First tandem rotor helicopter flight (Cornu 1907 machine)

Our latest featured aircraft for November is the Airbus Helicopters H160 .


Originally designated as X4, the aircraft was re-named as the H160. The X4 had been originally launched at the end of 2011.

The twin-engined type (powered by the Turbomeca 1,100 shp/820 shp Arrano 1A engine) is a replacement for the Dauphin family of aircraft.

The H160 is Airbus Helicopters’ first production use of its 'Blue Edge' main rotor blades. The aircraft has a Fenestron shrouded tail rotor, which is canted at 12°, together with a Biplane Stabilizer with staggered placement of the dual-level, interconnected stabilizers. The aircraft also uses Airbus Helicopters’ Helionix avionics suite and electrically powerered landing gear.

Source: "Airbus Says Hello to the H160", Mike Hirschberg, VERTIFLITE May/June 2015, Pages 8-9

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