Born: United States of America
Primarily active in: United States of America

Howard Haldane (Hal) Hawes Jr. was the president of Vought Helicopter Incorporated and was a veteran aerospace figure, Hawes became president of the LTV Aerospace Corp. helicopter subsidiary on September 1, 1972, following the retirement of Joseph Silverman, VHI's first president.

Hawes joined Chance Vought Corp., a predecessor company to LTV Aerospace, in 1941, as a production control group leader. Following military service in the Navy in WWII, he returned to the company and advanced through a series of management positions.

Hawes served as deputy program director for the A-7 Corsair II aircraft, materials manager, vice president of materials and product assurance, and vice president of manufacturing. He later served as vice president of operations and was vice president and special assistant to the president of what was then Vought Aeronautics Co. immediately prior to being elected president of VHI. Howard Haldane (Hal) Hawes Jr., president of Vought Helicopter Incorporated, collapsed and was pronounced dead at a Dallas hospital March 26 from an apparent heart attack.  He was 52. 

Obituary (pg-18) : Vertiflite May/June 1973