Born: *Unknown
Primarily active in: United States of America

R. G. Anderson, "Andy" to all, was one of the few men the helicopter industry had borrowed from the automotive game.  His first job in rotary wing, however, made good use of his mechanical background.  In 1937, he was  hired by the Pitcairn Autogiro Company to help solve the difficult transmission problem by which most rotary wingcraft is plagued.  He left Pitcairn to become Chief Mechanical Engineer for G. & A, and later was promoted to factory manager.  When Sikorsky Aircraft took the field "Andy" joined its staff as Executive Production Engineer, being made responsible for the first proeuction helicopter ever to come off a production line.  Andy had been holding the similar position with Bendix Helicopter, Inc., and was newly elected president of the AHS in 1945-46.

AHS Technical Programs: 1st to 25th