Born: France
Primarily active in: France

René Mouille, French Engineer, was born in 1925 at Nord, France.  Mouille studied at the Ecole Special Des Travaux Aeronautiques (ESTAe) in Orsay, which closed in 1988; the college has been superseded by the Arts et Metiers ParisTech.

Rene Mouille, was chief designer of the Aerospatiale Helicopter Division until 1988 as Director of Development.  In his 42-years with Aerospatiale and its predecessors, Mouille contributed a significant number of engineering innovations, including the fan-in-fin tail rotor (Fenestron), all-composite main and tail rotor blades, and the composite main rotor head.  He holds more than 30 patents.

As a design engineer, he was responsible for much of the engineering achievements in Aerospatiale helicopters, including the Alouette II/III, Super Frelon, Gazelle, Puma/Super Puma, AStar, TwinStar, and the Dolphin/ dauphin/ Panther.

Mouille has received nearly every major aerospace and engineering honor given by France, including the Medaille de l’Aeronautique, Ordre National du Merite (Chevalier), Trophee Brequet, Medaille du Progres, and the Grand Prix 1988 de l’Association Aeronautique. AHS presented Mouille with the 1979 Dr. Alexander Klemin Award.

Mouille delivered his 1990 Nikolsky Lecture, Technological Evolution of French Helicopters, at the AHS 46th Annual forum and Technology Display in Washington, D.C., May 21–23, 1990.

René Mouille passed away on January 10, 2019, at the age of 94.