Primary focus: Airframe manufacturer ( 1992 - 2014 )

Formed 01 Jan 1992 from a merger of the helicopter divisions of Aerospatiale (France) and MBB (Germany)

About Eurocopter

Established in 1992, the Eurocopter Group is a division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace, defense and related services. 

Eurocopter designs, develops, produces and markets the most comprehensive range of civil and military helicopters in the world, and employs approximately 20,000 people.  In 2011, Eurocopter confirmed its position as the world’s number one helicopter manufacturer with a turnover of 5.4B, orders for 457 new helicopters and a 43% market share in the civil and parapublic sectors. Overall, the Group’s helicopters account for 33 percent of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet. Eurocopter’s strong international presence is ensured by its subsidiaries and participations in 21 countries. Its worldwide network of service centers, training facilities, distributors and certified agents supports some 2,900 customers. There are currently more than 11,300 Eurocopter helicopters in service in 149 countries. Major ongoing investments in innovation technologies enable Eurocopter to strengthen its world leading market position.

Since 2007, the Group has doubled its self-financed investments in research and development and will continue this growth in the coming years. The main axes of innovation focus on: increasing flight comfort and safety and improving flight performance of the present and future range of helicopters. This reinforces the competitiveness of Eurocopter’s helicopters by reducing both operation and maintenance costs; increasing environmental performance by reducing the sound level; and reducing CO2 and NOX emissions and fuel consumption. Eurocopter’s objective is to have a new helicopter, new helicopter version or new technology demonstrator perform its maiden flight each and every year.   

Source: Eurocopter, VERTIFLITE November/December 2012, Page 57

Eurocopter History

Predecessor organizations of Eurocopter

Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH (MBB)

Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale (Aérospatiale)
France ( 1984 - 2000 )


Successor organizations or spinoffs of Eurocopter

Airbus Helicopters (Airbus Helicopters)
Multi-country (2014 - present)