United States of America
Primary focus: Airframe manufacturer ( 1939 - 1943 )

Aircraft manufacturer created from the merger of 2 existing divisions of United Aircraft and Transport Corp. (UATC)

About Vought-Sikorsky

New division of UATC after the merger of Sikorsky Aircraft Division and it's Chance Vought Division. Helicopters designed and manufactured by the combined company carried the 'VS' designation.

Source: "The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Directory of Airplanes | Their Designers and Manufacturers", Dana Bell, Published by Greenhill Books, London, Page 260

Vought-Sikorsky History


Successor organizations or spinoffs of Vought-Sikorsky

Sikorsky Aircraft Division, United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (Sikorsky)
United States of America (1943 - 1995)